Abortion Referendum Thread


Ah in fairness not all of them are that bad. Have you read “the righteous mind” by Jonathan Haidt. Its an interesting take on peoples moral reasoning.


The No side have one argument. “Morals”. That their “morals” should be imposed on everybody else. They have literally nothing else.

And they’re prepared to put up with some of the most immoral things you can imagine to achieve that.


And maybe this is the legislation that should be amended not granting free reign to terminate healthy babies.


Yes, morals. The one argument that is absent from the Yes side.


Indeed. I have a friend who induced an abortion with a few bottles of whiskey and a load of speed as she couldn’t afford to travel. Surely it would be better for the likes of her to have access to treatment here. Safer anyway.


I don’t vote. I don’t recognise either state on this island, but for those who, I implore them to vote no.


Your morals are informed by the church and a misplaced sense or moral rightousness. Other peoples by reason, compassion and living in the real world. It’s grand for you that you can’t or don’t want to think for yourself but what make you so sure you’re right and everyone who disagrees is wrong!


Ultimately you’d rather contemn thousands of innocent lives to death annually than cast a vote to save them. Absolutely and utterly despicable. And then you implore other people!? You can only implore them not to vote!

How can you support SF if you’re an abstentionist?


A more obvious question would be to ask how can he support an amendment to a Constitution he doesn’t recognize.


I was talking about adoption here but yes better legislation about abortion is needed, that’s what I’ve been saying?


It’s a compromise I guess, you are suggesting wholesale abortion when it seems a majority of the country don’t want it be forced in instead.


I have, he’s an excellent thinker and writer.


Yes. The world is way overstocked with people anyway and a woman should have to right to say no. I’d say this situation is rare though as most people who want to abort abort before 12 weeks. You’ve very few women who want to let a baby grow to a good size and then abort for the craic. It just doesn’t happen a lot.


See, for all these so called “experts” the No side puts forward who claim that the 8th Amendment doesn’t deny women healthcare, there are hundreds of women who have come forward to prove them blatantly wrong, telling their stories in both mainstream media and on social media such as the “In Her Shoes” page on Facebook.

Why the fuck would anybody take seriously the views of so called “experts” who are clearly willing to put religious dogma ahead of patient care (a serious breach of medical ethics) when there are so many women who have driven a coach and horses throough their lies?

Such as this woman.

Try this link if full article doesn’t appear.



Now that’s an argument worth having. If we repeal can we bring in legislation to abort layabouts?


What the fuck does “wholesale abortion” mean? Any woman who wants to terminate a pregnancy today can do so. Do you think that if the 8th is repealed women will be going mad for abortions? What an absolutely ridiculous opinion in this day and age. Abortion rates are trending down in all countries where they it is legal (including Ireland) due to education and access to contraception, what on earth do you think would reverse this trend?


Only if they stop posting on tfk for too long. cc @chocolatemice @Fagan_ODowd


The Adoption Alliance of Ireland “strongly advocates” repeal of the 8th Amendment.



Nobody advocates forced abortion.


You mean your morals. My morals are ok with it.