Abortion Referendum Thread


So is increased access to contraception and education not a better answer?


The scope for better legislation is very limited under the current explicit constitutional restraints (to my understanding)


It is clearly desireable, but viewing this as a problem that can be solved along a hierarchy of “answers” misses the point completely.


What restraints are on adoption?


My morals are formed in a belief in equality and a right for everyone to be afforded the chance to live. I can contrast that with the Yes side who want to deny the right to live for selfish reasons. Abortion is barbaric and inhumane.


They are part of the ancillary recommendations of the Citizens Assembly but are completely inadequate on their own.

Much, if not a signficant majority of the No campaigners are against them because they’re hardcore Catholic fundamenalists.

People like Niamh Nic Mathuna, Cora Sherlock and Justin Barrett - these backward cunts still haven’t even come to terms with allowing contraception.


You have a friend who tried to kill her baby so.


Only if you have no personal issue with abortion. Now I believe rape victims who are distraught/depressed feel they cannot or do not wish to go through with the pregnancy should have a right to abortion. But who said this?

"I wouldn’t be in favour of abortion… it isn’t the child’s fault that they’re the child or rape… Even, how would that work practically? I think where that’s been brought in in countries it has more or less led to abortion on demand”


I think everyone would agree avoiding an unwanted pregnant is a better answer than abortion, but it’s not the real world is it?


That’s one of the most annoying things about ‘no’ side. The moral attack by them to the yes side when they clearly have no morals themselves.


It is the real world. Do you apply your same real world logic to drink driving?


Oh sorry - I was talking about abortion. I’m not sure. I’d have thought it can be legislated for. I do believe we’re signed up to international treaties so that’s probably a factor. It’s probably unlikely that the Catholic Church can reintroduce forced adoption of the children of fallen women to the US so …



That is a critical part of this whole referendum.

Reality. Not faux morals. Dealing with real people and not shouting from the sidelines.


She succeeded.


You don’t believe in lifting a finger to help them though. Is that selfish? How would you explain to an unborn child, about to be aborted, why you didn’t vote to save them?


Thank god they can’t


He’s probably beating his wife at home.


They probably weren’t allowed then either but the nation looked the other way …


No campaigners are generally hardcore Catholics. One wonders have they come to terms with the idea that by constantly lying, they are constantly committing mortal sins, and will probably go to hell as a result?