Abortion Referendum Thread


Ha! since I wrote that I came across an article on the Maria Steen interview with Pat Kenny. Word for word she said “this has massive ramifications for our society”. You couldn’t make it up!

Are you happy to trust the assorted Catholic representative groups etc on this. Why?


It has.


Ok. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you can construct a rational argument. Any use of the word “murder” and you’re back on ignore.

What are the massive ramifications likely for our society and how will these manifest themselves?


I can make my own opinion!

Id say steen 100% had an abortion on the qt before. Too sanctimonious.


Fair enough. But you have strange bedfellows in with you.


Im an island


Timmy Dooley of all people making mincemeat of Declan Ganley on Newstalk at the moment.

Ganley is an uber-cunt.


Abortion as a birth control method. When I look back my parents and the people of their generation, they were strong characters who stood behind their actions, they worked hard and didn’t scream and shout for things, they got on with it.

Now we have a generation of soft, entitled, pampered parasites who want to delete a life because its an inconvenience for them. I think society has gone back a long, long way in the past 20 years and want for abortion is yet another example of humanity turning in on itself.


Where are your parents from?


It is your duty as a poster here to post that 1000 words. Feel free to embellish it too.


Can you really look back on the Ireland (either side of the border) of 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago and say it was a better place? If you can then you belong in an institution.


The people of their generation sent young ladies who got pregnant to launderies where their babies had very poor mortality rates


That’s an eloquent rant but in no way answers the question as to the ramifications of repealing the eight. Are you suggesting that sales of contraceptives will plummet because people will avail of abortion ahead of more conventional methods?


What an utter hypocrite Ganley is. “Pro-life”, pro-death penalty. :rofl:


Are you anti-death penalty?


Im all for it. Id set the bar relatively low as well. 50 convictions maybe


Absolutely. I see where you think you’re going with this, but you’re walking yourself into a shitstorm.


Ignoring the irony there sid given your love of abortion and hatred of the death pelanty


Not really. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

You’ll note the presence of the word “born”, and the absence of the word “conceived”.

A zygote/embryo/foetus should never be equal in terms of rights to the woman carrying it, because their respective rights compete against each other.

In practice under the 8th Amendment, the so called “equal right to life” of a zygote/embryo/foetus generally trumps that of the woman carrying it.

Even the way Article 40.3.3 is phrased refers to woman after the “unborn”.

Which is quite is a ludicrous and disgusting situation.


And what does that have to do with the price of turnios in bulgaria?

Do you make all your decisions based on the UDHR?