Abortion Referendum Thread


And angry?


There will be fuck all in this… If young people come out and vote the repeal side will win. If they don’t, the older Catholic voter will win the day.


You are right there. If you take out the extremists on both sides, there is a massive middle ground there and the fact that the powers that be will only legislate if the act is repealed means that a huge amount t of people will be uncomfortable with voting yes.


Not sure what you mean here? In order to have power to legislate the article that’s currently in the Constitution (the eight amendment) must be repealed.

The government can’t legislate or introduce an Act that is contrary to the anything in the Constitution. The Constitution trumps legislation.


But if the act is repealed , it is no longer in the constitution, correct?


Ok Matty, you have made that point already. Are you normally in the habit of repeating everything, have you dementia?


What point?


Correct. But to clarify and not being smart here: an Act is legislation. Parliament, the government, writes and introduces legislation/Acts, eg the Companies Acts, Criminal Justice Acts etc.

The Constitution is the higher source of law. Generally it contains the high level principles and the legislation the government introduces contains the details.

At the moment the Constitution contains an article (article 40.3.3, the eight amendment) which guarantees the right to life of the unborn. As long as that’s there the government can’t legislate for abortion. So that needs to be gone before the government can legislate.

As I said, the Constitution is supposed to contain the high level principles and it can only be changed by referendum. Because of this it’s not suitable to have complex rules in the Constitution. Any Act or piece of legislation can run to hundreds of pages to pin down all the rules on an area. You can’t have that in the Constitution. Also, if you introduced a law to the Constitution and then found a mistake with it you’d have to have a referendum to fix it.

So really, if we’re to change the law here, in whatever direction, you have to get rid of the 8th amendment and allow the government to legislate.


You made the point that I was angry twice in recent posts. I have refuted what you say regardless of whether you accept that or not.

Batt and family, including the mother of a down syndrome child, will be voting no.


That’s fair enough. I just think that the proposed legislation ( 12 weeks unrestriced) makes an awful lot of people in the middle uncomfortable


It might. But in fairness to government here (and I hate the Fine Gael cunts) they have to be clear and tell people what they will do if repeal wins. To give them their credit, they’ve been very clear what they will do so people know what they are voting for or against.


Leo is our first leader since Lemass.


Just listening to a vox pop here on newstalk and at the moment it’s about 3 to 1 in favour of keeping the 8th.
However for some reason most of the people being asked are men


You told us already how the family would be voting.

You need to show some compassion to living people Batt, you’ve got a disgracefully ignorant attitude towards traveller children and homosexuals.

You are typical of the hypocrisy demonstrated by the pro-birth fanatics.


Don’t be too hard on him I think he has mentioned on here before that he has a bit of dementia.


The women are inside cooking the dinner for mothers day


You should post that in the “things that are right” thread


An awful lot of men feel the need to control women, and that’s fact.


They do. Particularly the dolies


The fanatics on either side will not decide this. I think most of the ‘plain people of Ireland’ are annoyed by the extremists on either side and their cuntish antics. I think most people think there has to be some change in the law because our current situation is inhumane but I would give the no side a huge chance because they get to muddy the water with thin edge of the wedge shit and outlandish similar claims and that will screen people into voting no.