Abortion Referendum Thread


With regard to travelers, they can live next door to me for all I care as long as they live according to the recognised norms of society. Instead, they want to have all the benefits with none of the responsibilities. They want me to bow to their culture while they look down their noses at the likes of me and want me to pay for their lifestyles. I have seen it all my life, give them an inch and they take a mile. Never happy.

I am not alone with being fed up of the gay thing. Every fucking place you look there is a ‘pride’ flag. Every time you watch a chat show its covering gay issues. Every second presenter on RTE these days is either gay or lesbian and every other day they add a letter to the LBGT moniker. Lately its ‘I’ for ‘intersex’, last week it was ‘Q’ for ‘queer’, tomorrow it’ll be something else. Our children are confused enough already. I’m looking forward to the day when someone can be introduced to me without having to be told of their sexual allegiances.

I have said more than one time there are circumstances where the termination of a pregnancy is necessary to save the life of a mother, just that there are not 190,000 of such circumstances every year.


190,000 abortions in Ireland a year? The Irish would go extinct in no time.


I was out in the car there earlier. I was behind two cars. An 09 Jag which had a protect the 8th sticker and a 161 Dacia Sandero which had a love both sticker


where are you getting 190k from?


Gays are people too you know - and when attitudes like yours disappear, then they might relax the agenda …

Just be thankful you’re not a non-catholic in this country, then you’d really know about being subjected to an agenda.


It makes abortion less accessible.

The right thing to do is to start criminalising those who go abroad to get abortions.


We could put them in homes until they have the babies.


absolutely. those couples who are wanting children but their pregnancy is non viable should be forced to carry the child to term and give birth even though the child will not survive. Its not as if they are already under enough strain, they should feel the full force of the law too.


How do you plan on doing this?


He wants women held in a concentration camp and medical exams carried out on them to see if they’ve had an abortion … and he claims @caoimhaoin hates women :rofl: – this is the mindset of a fundamentalist - no different than the nazis or the Taliban…


How would you propose these homes pay for themselves? Who would run them?


Non-viable? Elaborate.

On the flip side, parents who don’t think their child deserves to sample life because it has some sort of disability such as DS are entitled to deprive that life. What do you think of that?


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@Rocko please sort this out. He’s saying I’ve mentioned putting women in concentration camps when I’ve done nothing of the sort.


Going crying to Rocko now :slight_smile:

No surprise to see that someone from Tyrone is a tout.


I’m being slandered. I suppose you’d much rather I sit here and have comments attributed to me that I never made from some shrew of a poster?


You’re a grass.


if you dont know what a non viable pregnancy is then you should not be commenting on things to do with this referendum specifically about pregnancies and choices.

I dont agree with abortion. It’s not a choice I would chose. However it is not an option as a choice and it should be as my opinion is not the same as others. You mention DS and even though DS Ireland have specifically requested not to be included in this referendum campaign, unless you specifically request a DS test during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, which is not common and not usually done, then your knowledge of the child having DS will be outside the 12 week period and the chances are that the parents are wanting the child regardless. Some would chose not to upon learning that news, I wouldnt agree with that choice.


Has he told you how he’d criminalize women who travel abroad for an abortion yet?


He has no answer to it, I asked him before and all he could say was let the law do its work.

He has absolutely no idea about what he posts. His self-loathing and fear of women has messed up his mind to an extraordinary level.


I’m merely looking for action to be taken against a nuisance poster who is incapable of rational debate.