Albums and New Music of 2017




Great show as part of some arts fest. I’d say they could have sold a rake of more tickets for it but it had an ok crowd in. Have about five of his records at home but my first time seeing him


Listening to Death Peak by Clark here again. On Warp records. It’s a grower. Generally unimpressed on first listen. But loving it now. Genuinely unclassifiable electronic record. Bit like Aphex Twin in its outthere ness. Like it a lot now.


Didn’t realise Hauschka had something new out. Will dl, along with the new Clark.

For any pop-rock fans, the new Spoon is Spoon being vintage Spoon. aka its really good.


This new Slowdive is rather good.


As is the new Fionn Regan.


Is he still going? Haven’t heard of him in yonks. He had a few decent tunes


He released his first a decade ago? Think this is his third.


Digging the new LP from Waterford band (Dublin based) Percolator. Picked it up at their Limerick gig last week when they played the Kasbah. The Blizzards were playing next door and as I was leaving some auld wan was asking Bressie for a photo with a lass in a wheelchair - she told Bressie that “you can go back to your cycling or whatever once we get the photo”


Most be more than that. I remember giving him a lift to a venue he played in Limerick 13/14 years ago; think he was on his first or second EP then


Narkopop by GAS arrived in the post today. Fairly outstanding piece of dark ambience.


Have been well impressed with these lads from Oz


New gorillaz album is a grower


New Brother Ali is good. The only decent white MC out there.


I’m very impressed with the new album from Talos after one listen.

If you like the likes of Sampha @Fagan_ODowd then you may enjoy this.

He is a lad from Cork @gilgamboa @Turenne @ChocolateMice

@caoimhaoin knows him no doubt


Eoin French. He’s v good alright potentially could do a hozier. An aquantainance of mine was involved in making his recent video and has been flooding his social media with his stuff.

Was previously in a band called Hush war Cry who gigged around cork for a while about 5 years ago when I actually was able to get out and about. I think he’s an architect or something random like that



Is this track typical of his style? Because it seems like standard generic indie rock shite.


Yeah it seems pretty bland alright


What do you think @Fran ?


New The Mountain Goats album out. For those that don’t know, John Darnielle is a genius.