Albums and New Music of 2017


The new Slowdive album (their first in 22 years) is really lovely stuff altogether. Have given it 4 (FOUR) spins this week.


This is a very nice nice record. Heavily indebted to the great Sun Ra ad you might expect from the band name.


Ty Segall.

Produced by Albini.




Would you say that Can are the greatest band ever?


I wouldn’t say that but I would say that the run of albums from Ege Bamyasi to Tago Mago to Future Days is as good as exists in the entire canon of popular music.


Funny I was going to mention their run of albums.

I love Monster Movie, their debut, and while Soundtracks is a bit fragmented it still has great moments.

So for me, Monster Movie through to Future Days (5 albums) is the best run of albums there ever has been.


Sorry - Ege Basyami came after Tago Mago.


New Nick Hoppner is massssssivvveeeeee…


I’m just about to listen to Ryan Adam’s latest effort, guys - I haven’t heard anything about it - Hopefully it’s a return to form…


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What? Ryan hasn’t produced a good album in a number of years, mate.


Let me know if there’s anything as good as Summer of 69 on it.


Thinly veiled I’m looking for kudos for sticking with him


I haven’t stuck with him at all, I said I hoped it was a return to past glories as he’s been shit - try keep up, mate.


Will do.


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Mate, this is the new music of 2017 thread - I don’t think you’ve grasped that.


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No, it’s all very transparent if you follow the audit trail … oh wait…