Albums and New Music of 2017


I set what’s cool and trendy in terms of music mate and Ryan Adams aint it.


It’s average enough fare - One or two decent tracks but a big meh overall.


That’s put @ChocolateMice right back in his box ooooooft


I’m just about to listen to Broken Social Scene’s latest effort, guys - I haven’t heard anything about it - Hopefully it’s a return to form…


I listened to Haim’s new album while out running last night.

Some breezy and enjoyable pop ditties to trundle along to with my bouncy diddies.


That would be @Turenne and @Fagan_ODowd, your tastes are very samey.


Ryan Adams trendy? :grinning:




I know sure. @ChocolateMice got this one badly wrong


The only person that mentioned trendy around here was you, mate… the audit trail is there …

cc @The_Selfish_Giant - you were right about this ex-banker.


I don’t even know why Ryan Adams is sure but you were ultra transparent/thinly veiled this morning. Don’t worry kid. You’re still cool/trendy/with it/hip to the hop


We know.


The single whetted
My appetite.

Album Sounds like a John Hughes movie.


When are you flying to Berlin? Tegel airport is some shithole.


Over here now. Flew in today.

Yeah like something from 50 years ago.


fourth busiest airport in Germany.


I can’t remember the name of the one I flew out of, not tegel, it was the worst shithole I’ve ever been through. You had to walk through a burger king to get to the gate.


We’ve all been there… A handy airport for the city tho.


Some rock for the lads:


This has grown on me -

Lana Del Ray - Summer Bummer.