Albums and New Music of 2017


Lana Del Rey is truly brilliant. And hot as fuck.


@ChocolateMice I’m loving this after a few listens


New Jay-Z is great, best album since American Gangster.


Recent offering from Wolf Alice is decent, more stuff due out on September


Great album.


Myself and @ChocolateMice are driving around with the windows down listening to The Story of OJ.


Free your mind and your ass will follow suit… Still nigger.


The Arcade Fire one is catchy… Was listening to a bit of Haim there , a very catchy tune whatever it was cc @Bandage


This one. Lovely 80s sound


Something about this has gotten under my skin - I don’t know if I like it or hate it.



Have you given up on the whiggity whiggity whiggity whiggity whack stuff?


No mate I listen to music not genres.


I was listening to the new Arcade Fire album this morning during an 8 (eight) km run and my initial impression was that the songs that were already available on Spotify etc are strong and the rest of it isn’t so much. I reserve the right to alter my view after some more listens.


A very subtle way of upping your Ks there on the back of an album review.




That’s a great video


Does you like the auld videos, does you?


The song is only middling, but it’s great for a 74 year old Sir Mick Jagger commentary on Brexit. Decent video…


I does. And I’m a hoor for a snakey funky dance.