All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Jesus will you even just try a little?
20 June 2015
17:00 Tullamore
Leinster Hurling Semi-Final
Galway 3-28
Laois 1-14



Now fuck off dickwad.


That was 2014. Why would you reference a game prior to the most recent meeting? Truth be told Galway beat the lard out of Laois only a short few weeks ago in the league.

You’ve made a show of yourself here. I can see Wexford now going on to win Leinster as a result of how badly you’ve allowed this play out on the INTERNET.

And it’ll all be your fault.


You are out on your own as the biggest spastic on the internet. You even make the Chipp lads look good. Now like a good retard, fuck off and annoy someone or something else.


Ooooft, Level 4 seething. You’re rattled to within an inch of your life here. And I barely had to try.

And thats a fact of life.


Being favourites for the AI is messing up the Galway lads. They’ve nothing to fight with each other about so its slowly cracking them up.




He’ll never last til August.


NOGRA are running a series of counselling workshops to combat these anxieties.


Fair play, you have my number. I was right you weren’t a Laois man, you’re too clever. There is no pulling the wool over your eyes, mind you I’d say you like to pull the wool over other parts of your anatomy. :sheep:


Ah deary me, this is barely even english at this stage :smile:


I’m liking the cut of this fella, hes obviously insane.


That’s great stuff


The GAA clichés gone into overdrive in that article


Outside of tipp these biffo cunts are the real old enemy, cant bate them by enough


Id like to have a pint with that lad. I think he’s being too harsh maybe, while the likes of wexford were always too willing to meekly bend over before kilkenny, offaly were always always good for a few broken hurls. Not sure that has changed, they just dont have any hurlers bar the obvious one.


Why is that? 85? The goal that wasn’t given?


No, a genuine historical dislike, especially from lads from eyrecourt or kiltormer etc just over the river from banagher but generally thoughout east galway. Not so much in NOGRA but i have ‘people’ that side of the county


I never realised there was that much hostility there. Surprised to hear it.