All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Who will he lower the blade into next weekend, Clare or Limerick? Almost becoming the biggest reason for neither side to lose.


Well speaking from a Limerick perspective I fucking hope we do, albeit within limits . If we don’t we might struggle .


Indeed - Treacy was excellent that day.

Galway lost the plot and focus completely.


The game was well winnable . Tipp were no better than in 1988 and were under enormous pressure to win an AI . They won a poor Munster championship and Galway had beaten them that year in the league final .


Hard to argue with a Loughnane


Did he apply the rules of the game when Leahy pulled across Finnerty? Of the 3 potential sending off offences that day, that was the most obvious. Whatever was done to Nicky, didn’t stop him jumping around when Sylvie got sent off. Hopper probably deserved to walk, but so did Leahy. Not even booked ffs.


Finnerty could give it too . Leahy should have walked ok but what Hopper did was nuts . Galway lost focus in the run in to the game , the indiscipline came from that .

The game was well winnable .


Finnerty also pulled across Leahy just as bad you “forgot” to mention. McGrath’s red card was a disgraceful challenge


After reporting Keady in the first place, which left the GAA with no choice but to at least hold a hearing. There was also the thorny issue of Paul Delaney, who amazingly enough got to play the SF and miss the final for the same offense.


I think Clare will Joe


Stems apparently from a friendly back in the early 90’s which ended with 5 or 6 lads in a&e.


Laois win all their games in the Round Robin and get Wexford
Westmeath win one and get Offaly

Laois then get Antrim or Carlow in the Qualifier Draw
Westmeath get a bye

I’m happier to play Antrim or Carlow than get a bye, but the inequalities in the GAA system deserves a thesis.


It’s only Laois, mate.

No-one really cares.


We barely even care ourselves pal. Its actually comforting, no thread on an internet forum with hundreds and hundreds of replies, like a circle jerk therapy group.

This is more about the jokeshop that is the Championship structures.


They can flute around and fiddle with it all they want, but until such time as they grasp the nettle and address the outdated provincial championships they’re at nothing.


You’ve a lovely way of looking at things pal.


Champions League format.


Won’t someone think of the poor club players?


That’d be a disaster. You’d have non traditional counties like Leix, Dublin and Cork reaching the latter stages of championship and getting the tar bate out of them.


Tis grand, the boys have this in hand

A chara

Championship Proposal Update

The county championship season is now in full flight and we wish every success to all our members whether you are involved in club or county panels or both.

We wish to engage your support in lobbying your club and county officials to ensure that the issue of club fixtures its given its rightful place on the agenda when decisions are being made at any future special Congress on Fixtures and/or Hurling Championship proposals.

In the event of a Special Congress we will be seeking a proactive lobbying campaign by our members to engage County delegates. We will be in touch if and when this is announced to advise on next steps and seek further feedback.

Discussions With GAA Officials

The CPA have discussed their fixture plans with senior officials in Croke Park. The plans have been under development since late 2016 based on research of each county and both codes.

Below are the main points and the principles behind them, based on feedback from members.

Looking after the welfare of all players
o Improves games to training ratio for club & county player

 o   December is free of all games to allow rest

 o   Clubs can plan for their peak with foresight of fixtures

 o   County panels can be used more efficiently

Transparent Fixture Schedule for 12 months for all.
o Families and mentors and supporters can organise their lives with certainty

This clarity will significantly reduce the dropout rate in our games

All competitions will finish in the calendar season
o There will be designated club only periods for the month of April and from August onwards

 o   No more divided loyalties with Club V County

No more conflicts between club managers and county managers

Proposals for a workable and Competitive Tiered Championship
o Equality & fairness for every county

 o   Genuine chance of success for all counties

 o   Raises profile of GAA in all counties

 o   Gate receipts will increase

 o   Deters exodus of talent to USA in summer months

The CPA proposals are available in summary form on our website at the following link: An infographic outlining the benefits of the CPA’s fixtures proposals is also available on our website.

We will be releasing a 7-8 page document of each proposal in greater detail at a later date to all Club Player Association members. In the event of Special Congress we will be in touch further.

To share any comments or feedback on any of the above please get in touch with us via email –

Is Mise,

Micheal Briody