All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Did you omit the champions league bit?


Its too progressive even for the CPA.


What’s the full draw?


The full draw is as follows:

All-Ireland SHC Preliminary Round (Saturday June 24th)
Antrim/Carlow v Laois
Westmeath BYE


Are you mad No


That would ruin the championship


Details of the proposed revamping of the championship have been revealed.

Basically it involves the Munster and Leinster Championships turning to round robin structures and there’s some token gesture to make the second tier counties feel involved as well.

That’s all I got from a very quick glance so apologies if there’s more there.


An equal playing field for Galway? :astonished:Disgraceful carry on


Only until they throw the toys out of the pram again and demand something else.


Something else like home games like every other county gets? Or games for their underage squads like everyone else gets?
Toys out of the pram indeed


And so it begins.


The prospect of an equitable Championship structure has you shitting your togs it would appear


My highlighting of your, and your Bottley Chokey County’s followers, constant need for excuses and blaming the ‘need for change’ on the lack of Senior All Ireland success in almost 30 years does not equate to me shitting my togs.


Clare or Waterford don’t get home games in the Munster Championship


That’s a choice


Why do ye want to play games in Salthill anyway? Its shit and most of the hurling part of Galway is as close to Tullamore as there


Kerry the real losers in this new format.


It’s in no way equitable. Kilkenny, Galway and Wexford will be guaranteed a minimum of a quarter final for years


Waterford hasn’t had a home provincial game in the championship since 1996, but we don’t go on about it.


Contradict yourself much?