All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Never. Mentioning something once is not going on about it.


Why do Waterford not want home games?


Do they get to play in a provincial championship for minor & 21’s?




Sure Galway blamed the fact that they had a bye to the All Ireland semis as a reason for not winning an All Ireland for years.

They want it every way.


To Make a level playing field if you will


Innovation can work. The championship was reinvented in 97 to prevent joke counties ever besmirching all ireland final day again, and thats worked a treat


I’m one of those strange people who thinks that the current Championship format is alright. I wouldn’t be against tweaking the calendar to free up more time for club fixtures but the actual format is okay.

But I do dislike change in general, and it’s better than the actual changes to the football Championship anyway.


2007 and 2008 ???


incorrect Fagan. I attended a munster championship game in the early 2000s in Walsh Park. ye bate Kerry well reversing the result of 10 years previously


I stand corrected.


Walsh Park was jammers that day.


I was in Walsh Park one year to see Galway get their usual trimming by Waterford and I doubt it was a league match. We got chatting to Joe and John Connolly on the way up to the ground. Even though we were in our 20’s they left us for dead with how fast they walked. I think it was during the Conor Hayes era as I remember not expecting much from our lads and they duly obliged. I was surprised with how much abuse the home fans gave Dan Shanahan.


We played a few round robin qualifiers in Walsh Park.


2005 that was


2006 I’d say… I was there too.


Yes you may be right


There is no fucking ‘may’ about it Ray


Laois played Waterford in Championship in Walsh Park in 2014


Note to thread. I specifically mentioned that we had had no provincial championship games in Walsh Park.