All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


would Fraher Field not be waterford’s county ground?


No it’s a shit hole


im aware its a shithole


I was surprised to see that Great Internet Bible of Fact, Wikipedia, has Walsh Park down with a capacity of 17,000. Is that an actual official capacity, a finger in the air guesstimate, or some class of record attendance from the 60s?

I presume the alternatives to Walsh Park are going to Nowlan or Thurles. I’d say 20k is the benchmark; what harm if a few games sell out, it only drives the allure of the whole thing. Eagerly anticipating this revamped championship next year, two guaranteed home and away games, unrale. :pint:


17,000 crowd the last time we played a Munster championship game there in 1996. I think the capacity is the same now, maybe more since we replaced the grass on the banks with gravel.


Christ, we got to a final the year before and I was still pessimistic. Think Hayes had his nephew playing that day. We had a centre forward from Thomas’, was it John Conroy? Not one of our better experiments.


H&S has destroyed the supposed capacity of any number of GAA venues, wikipedia is talking through its hole.


I presume the fireman would be due an auld visit to Walsh Park alright.


Clare v Cork final. Puke hurling is dead (again).


Ah yeah.


Can Tipp play KK in the qualifiers?


Yes. Yes. Yes we can. Most likely.




Not until round 2.


Draw Monday week @8:00am after the cork Waterford game ? Radio 1 RTÉ




Not yet


Hon the Cats!


Wexford for Liam ?


For Bob anyway!