All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


There’s a difference between weak a realism


Quagmire realism, bounded realism, chained and unfree realism. No faith no hope realism. I think we’ve had enough of that kind of realism Mike.


It will be

Offaly v Cork.
Dublin v Tipperary
Limerick v Kilkenny
Laois v an other.



They’ll put it up to ye MBB.


They will, no doubt. I wouldn’t be in any way confident tbh, but we tend to be catastrophically bad in qualifiers outside O’Moore Park so this is a big deal. We got Willie Dunphy off his disgraceful red card from the Wexford game, only for him to go and break a hand in training. Ross King meanwhile went off with a hand injury against Ballacolla the other night, so a bit of work to do before this one.


Brian Whelehan to be inducted into the Leinster GAA Hall of Fame. His roll of honour isn’t half bad.


2 Offaly u-14 “A” FC Medals :grinning:


5 Man of the match awards in All Irelands between club and county. Epitome of a big game player


5 U-16 medals??


Dont forget the bronze Community Games medal.

I thiink Beano has 5 or 6 U12 medals.


That was football. An Offaly team getting that far in Community Games football is an achievement in itself.


The same year the county beat the greatest ever gaelic football team in history, to win an All Ireland?


It was established late last night that the win against Kerry was down to the ref giving Offaly 3 very soft frees in the 2nd half to try and beat Kerry. The win will forever have an * beside it


This is indeed true. But the fact stands, nonetheless.


What fact?


That they won an All Ireland in the year that you mocked them in the same code.


Correct, one of 3 All Irelands they won in 130 years.


3 in a row winners in Leinster at the time and contesting their 2nd All Ireland Final in a row at the time to boot.


That’s an incredible stat.