All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Is he the only man to get player of the year and not win an all star?


I believe so. Which in itself only shows the utter gobdaws involved with the All Stars, and why people shouldnt give too much attention to them as a whole.


What’s the latest on Canning and Burke? Have they made up or will the fall out ruin Galway’s season?


Camp in disarray after the club matches.


The AI u21 medal alludes him to make the clean sweep was a fantastic hurler


Did any of them ride each others girlfriends


I won’t divulge but suffice to say Wexford need only turn up to win the Leinster final.


Lee Chin probably after doing damage with a few players girlfriends there the weekend too


I think Offaly will give Galway bags of it (cc @Big_Mick_McCarthy). Granted they lost to them by around 100 points in the opening round of the league but they’ve improved significantly since then. I think Galway will be suffering from a mix of complacency and general malaise. I simply don’t think you can underestimate the impact on an entire squad of one teammate pinning another down and driving the face guard grille so far back into his face/mouth that he takes a load of teeth out. I understand there’s serious ill feeling in the squad which hasn’t dissipated despite several collective and smaller meetings.


I respectfully disagree pal

Incidentally we are now 2 wins each, away from a Clare Wexford, All Ireland final.

Please god, let this happen.


No. Whelehan was the second Hurler of the Year not to win an All Star.


Au contraire, i gather a prominent wexford forward stumbled drunk into a certain chinese takeaway late Saturday night looking for something that definitely was not on the menu from the woman of the house.


Haha Mrs Chin is a milf, did he let him munch her spice bag?


Lets just say, Chin Can Suck… I mean Cook… Ive said too much


Conor McDonald and his boy band haircut


That was the name i heard alright


Did you see the video yet ?


I did but only the yola version. They are dubbing in English and chinese soon i gather. Certainly a sweet n sour day for lee.


Is this true?


Yes, I’d steer well clear of Camille Thai in Limerick until Daithi Burke’s missing teeth have been accounted for.