All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Why would I be in Limerick?


Presume you’ll be meeting me on Saturday week in The Curragower for a bowl of chowder and a few pints of Becks before the football?


There’s a good chance that could be a double header with the hurlers given the right draw? Or would the qualifiers be the following week?


Hurling qualifiers are on 1st and 8th of July as far as I know.


I have it on good authority a current hurling manager is on his way to Dublin to fulfil a big money job in Dublin GAA in 2018


@Fagan_ODowd broke this news close to six months ago


We’re not talking about the same man


Give us a clue…


Thelma Mansfield ?


Steady Eddie?


While this may be technically true, in 1994 Kilkenny and Galway beat the might of Meath and Roscommon respectively in their first matches, before Offaly comfortably defeated both in their next matches.


narrows it down

Eddie stuck for a few bob?


Derek McGrath is the rumor


I have heard the rumour but it doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway we have Ger Cunningham who is doing a great job and gets on well with everyone up here!


@Fagan_ODowd exclusively revealed that a while ago


Is that tweet doing the rounds about hurling quarter finals being held in Cork genuine?


Its definitely out there. Assume it will depend on the 4 teams.


Be a great night in the lash in Cork


You Galway lads will enjoy it.


I fucking told ye but would ye listen?