All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Dont worry about it Limerick won’t be involved


I’m not.


First minute goal for Oisin Kelly but Galway now lead 0-6 to 1-2. Any of TFK’s Galway internet followers actually at the game?


I have Offaly +17 along with Waterford and Tyrone in a treble. Hopefully they can keep it tight


0-11 to 1-5. '27.

Cathal Mannion off injured.


Galway 0-16 Offaly 1-6. HT.


Galway 0-25 Offaly 1-07.

52 mins gone.

Conor Whelan with 0-05 from play again.


Biffo cunts going to screw you.


Galway have emptied the bench. Hopefully Offaly can tack on a point or two. Its teetering at this point. Galway lead by 16


Galway 0-30 Offaly 1-10. '66.


Galway 0-33 Offaly 1-11. FT.


The 2017 All Ireland hurling champions will be a team that has already been beaten in the championship this year.


Was this post inspired by the Offaly result?


So three of the four predicted semi finalists are now in the qualifiers.
Game on Ger


Duignan name dropping Offaly in the qualifiers draw :laughing:


Galway must be licking their lips…I would’nt begrudge them an AI to be fair.


Now or never for Galway


Only danger for Galway is that it’s looking like another summer for windy hurlers. Cork and Clare a real threat.


Clare - Galway final would be some craic.

Would’nt rule out those Tipp cunts yet tho…if they knuckle down they’ve a great chance too obviously.

V dissapointed in Waterford…they’re far better than they showed today…they must be disgusted with themselves really.


The last month has seen an unprecedented triple-red revitalisation.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal
Jeremy Corbyn and Labour
Cork hurling

Red reign is coming down everywhere.

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