All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


And the three of them will win fuck all.


Aren’t you from Limerick, mate? :grin:

I’m quite amused at a Limerick person getting sarky about anybody else’s prospects of winning anything given that Limerick haven’t won a major title since 1994.

And even at that, it was a particularly poor standard Rose of Tralee competition that year.


British Lions






I’m Italian you clown.


Great week for the Whelan clan. Young Conor starring again for the hurlers and the aunt after landing another big job up in Dublin.


Sorry to be a pedant but they won the National Hurling League in 1997 and Munster Championships in 1996 and 2013.


Limerick could easily make the QF’s there’s a serious amount of dross left in the qualifiers (including ourselves). Draw Westmeath for example and you could meet the winners of Offaly v Carlow/Laois or something. Not much between us and the Duds either. Only KK to be afraid of in the first round


Was chatting to the ex KK S & C coach from the previous two seasons and he was telling me they are fuming in KK at the performance - a few ex players are disgusted at what they saw… gave a good insight into the mind set of a few current/past players also - Most surprising part was that he wasn’t paid - had to give it up as he couldn’t live like that cc @caoimhaoin.




No - Morrissey.


Don’t think he was the main man - but was highly involved.


Why was he doing it for free?

Thats just dumb. I couldn’t do county again without 120 + per session and retainer for programming. Its way way too much time lost from a business pov


Ned would have a full on aneurysm if he thought he had to pay


The physios are paid are they not?

Pay S&C well and spend less on physio and far more expensive things like ACL reconstrucyion and hip operations and all that nonsense


Mickey D tipped Tipp, Waterford and Cork on Radio 1 earlier.


With only 6 teams left, you’d have to make Galway strong favourites. Thoroughly dismantled everyone while looking as if they have a few more gears to hit. The performance in the League Final also in their favour. With Canning & Burke, probably their two best players, under-performing against Wexford, there is a lot of scope for improvement. The Cooneys stepping up big-time is huge, Whelan is a big threat… all 6 of their forwards can win their own ball & score; and their backs seem to at least try and feed them half-decent ball. Weaknesses… maybe their backs are vulnerable to being run at, but they are very, very big and will physically blow a lot of teams out of it. Them bottling it would be the biggest worry but Galway are rarely in a position where they are comfortable favourites for the All-Ireland.

You’d probably look at Tipp next if they have sorted themselves out. Won’t learn much from the Dublin game but destroyed them anyway. On paper, they have the best forwards- Callanan, McGrath, Bubbles, Bonner… that is absolutely lethal. Work rate will have to be a lot higher than it was against Cork and the League final. I don’t know if they have sorted themselves out, I suppose we’ll find out the next day, but I think they’re probably the team to take Galway down in a firefight.

Cork looked good today, playing smart hurling. But despite Clare being shit, missing a penalty, hitting the woodwork twice; they only won by 5 points. Look very good at times but go through phases of not scoring and I don’t think Galway will fear their puckouts the way Clare clearly did. Still, a young, energetic team; won’t fear anyone and can’t meet that Galway team until the final.

Waterford should be at the level of contending by now but I don’t know if they are. Some class hurlers for sure, and will probably take a lot of confidence from being Waterford. But they almost threw it away against Kilkenny, and not a good Kilkenny side at all. Fitness told in the end but they’re going to come up against fitter teams from here on out. I just don’t think McGrath is the man to lead them to an All-Ireland.

Then you have Clare & Wexford. Did well to reach provincial finals, but can’t see them winning 3 matches in a row to win the All-Ireland.


But galway have beaten fuck all, league is irrelevent, wexford didn’t perform, who else, offaly, the gym monkeys?? cork are by far and away the form team, crucially they are performing, not relying on someone to have a strong day to bail others out who didn’t show up. Saying that there’s nothing from waterford that worries me, clare have zero chance and wexford are a few years away yet. tipp are the big danger here, soft draws so far to play themselves back in. Are the semi finals an open draw or do you avoid previous matches there too?


Cork and Galway are kept apart in the semi draw. I’m not going to bother my hole listing the possible draws. Suffice to say that if Cork and Galway are kept apart, ypu can figure out the rest