All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


My first as well. First time in Croker also.

Christ, that place has been cruel to us over the years.


You can say that again


The font/typeface that RTÉ used for the scores back then was great.

Tommy Quaid just got flattened


Has Eamonn Grimes appeared yet? He was a fine physical specimen by 1980.


Textbook display of hip and whip here by Limerick


You’d miss a bit ground hurling all the same.


If Iggy had been fit that year there would have been 3 priests playing in that final .

The term “3 priests” became famous 18 years later


That galway jersey should be reintroduced its sick! (as in its class)


I was bought a child’s version of it. Tis a bit tight these days but fuck it I still wear it with pride.


Limerick was great too .


Who were the other 2?


The two Fitzmaurice brothers .


Iggy’s brother Fr. Joe played with him in the 79 final.


Why not. That collar is a thing of beauty


Cyril Farrell in a lovely pair of Clarke’s Moccasins


Mossie Carroll whipped off there


Conneelly bailed mcinerney out there big time


Creggan damn near won it on his own. He was magic. I can still remember the absolute joy of a galway win.


This is a cracking game


Coneely saved ye that day