All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Cheddar will blow his load.


It’s up.



Paudie Maher was excellent most of last year and played well yesterday. Leave him on the wing and he’s still as good as any out there


Can anyone explain why in the fuck he kept shifting the Maher’s? Ronan was an excellent 6 and it’s long established now that paudie is best on the wing, why the need to mess with that? I could understand if the moves were to try sort out full back but they weren’t. Ryan’s selections all year seemed without rhyme or reason.


Galway posters advising Kilkenny and Tipperary hurling fans on how to get their houses in order is giving me a good chuckle. Galway haven’t knocked Kilkenny out of championship in 14 years :joy: Galway fell in against a poor Waterford team last year ffs. Galway have underachieved/collapsed for the best part of 30 years and now they are held up as the example of what to do. They were still bricking it over a bad tipp last Sunday team. Shitting themselves they might have to play them again. I can’t wait for limerick to walk all over these cunts.


Come in out of the sun lad :rofl:


Let’s not forget Johnny Coen did indeed throw the ball to joe canning for that winning score v tipp too. A massive asterisk beside that all Ireland too.


i think the Galway lads have a bit more about them to be hooked by that mate


Ah he’ll get one or two. Have no fear.


Don’t forget Barry Kelly. Shur we won’t keep it pucked out to ye if we are lucky enough to get that far.


Galway posters are relieved tipp are gone they can sleep easy for a few weeks at least.



Where’s this chump from?


Ask your sister

#1099 I’m hearing the galway hurlers are dead against drug testing.




Conor Whelan’s physique in particular, is very unusual.


She says she never actually met him. She heard a lot of hype about him and couldn’t wait to meet him but that he must have bottled it and never turned up.


They were Norries resettled in Limerick. A quare breed.