All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


I don’t think what happens at the provincial stage will have much effect on the voting tbh


Hurler of the Year?? It doesn’t matter a fuck. There was fellas embarrassing themselves about Austin Gleeson and Seamie Callinan 18 months ago and neither of the two of them can hit the ball out of their way now.


Poor Seamie never got over that snub.


And the guilt over it has been like an albatross around Ozzie’s neck since.


So Leinster has ultimately turned out as the bookies expected, albeit there was a few twists and turns within games and Dublin were better than most observers anticipated.

I think the contenders across both provinces will be glad that Tipperary have been eliminated, as their talent along with experience in Croke Park would have been a huge challenge for everyone else. Waterford have been riddled with bad luck.

One team that is coming in under the radar, and have impressed me hugely without really garnering much media attention and barely getting a mention on TFK either, is Limerick. They look like they could go very far.

Munster Senior Hurling Championship 2018

Wasn’t Paudie Maher the third player short listed in 2016? He’s fallen off a cliff as well from the standard he was at 2009-16.


Aussie was not fit yesterday tbh . Looked totally off the pace for IC hurling .


Cody is going to unleash hell in regards the new hurling format. once Kilkenny’s season is over.
of course he is no fan. having to have his players ready in May and not sleep walking their way to a semi-final.
that prick doesnt give a fuck about the game. just kilkenny winning. grand.
but the game has been rejuvenated over the last month. They need to give more air time
to McDonagh cup games, but I think the new format has been great. now next year
you could have teams losing their first two games and creating lot’s of dead rubbers.
but over all nearly every game has been a close contest with something on the line.


Waterford were flat. but Limerick tore into them and forced errors and turnovers.
Up Limerick.


He hasn’t been fit for a long time and his ankle ligament problem hasn’t had a chance to resolve itself. Needs a good break from the game now to get himself physically right again.


Agreed but you are not addressing the point I made .


Looks that way ok .


This championship is great at the moment with the glut of games we have had, but it is going to run out of steam very fast after the end. The decision to have the two semi finals on the one weekend is a disgrace and will half the coverage afforded to each. They are showcase games and should be getting as much attention as possible.


Dunno . Good for someone going to Dublin can see both games .


Discounting the McDonagh cup teams, the remaining six teams from the provincials have all realistic chances of winning the AI this year. I predicted Limerick as the dark horses earlier in the year but now I would have them as genuine contenders and I’ll be surprised if the don’t make the final.


If Wexord beat Munster runners up will they still be playing winners of Leinster or is there a draw if 3rd placed Munster team also beat Leinster runners-up?


As opposed to No Air Time? :rollseyes:


There was 3 or 4 Waterford players carrying injuries yesterday. They were absolutley taped together across the side.,


@Copper_pipe is the hurling hour not usually on Mondays?


Yeah but its usually released later in the day. Around 4pm I think. I’ll post up a link when I see it