All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


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Get back under your rock.

The first time in 30 years Galway fans have started travelling to matches i’d say. They were giving it big licks in salthill this year at half time. My mate, and uncle to current panel member, was told ’ shur yee are not even a real hurling county’, ‘Yee might as well pack it in’ … I’m sure they are going around spreading this fine message all over the country with their new found confidence. Shame you lot were’nt spreading the bible all them years when you were making a balls of yourselves on the field.


The Galway boys seem to have really gotten under the Limerick fellas skin.


Well in fairness to Limerick they beat us the last time we’ve met so you can understand their confidence. Will it be a Limerick-Wexford final? With Tipp gone what are your standings now?


he’s only managed to snare Limerick lads which is what I knew would happen. We’re too passionate to avoid snares.


It’s 1 year too early for this Limerick team.


Bollocks, strike while the iron is hot.


Limerick are physical but no where near Galway yet… Galway have 3/4 years on them in that regard and Limerick have a bit to learn defensively yet.


Galway bottled it for a good 5 years before they fell in 2017 after the Help from the ref.

  1. Limerick
  2. Kilkenny
  3. Wexford
  4. Clare
  5. Cork
  6. Galway
  7. Carlow
  8. Westmeath
    I have demoted us to sixth. With our swollen egos, big beer bellies and drug fuelled bodies, our collapse is certain and will be brutal. At the sight of JP’s army coming at us we will fold. I tremble with fear at the thoughts.


that eastern European strength and fitness chap has done wonders for the Galway hurlers


Ye should give Willy Mullins vet a shout. He might be free.



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