All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Galway won’t keep it fucked out to Limerick, Clare or Cork. They’re musclebound monsters. I saw Geariod McInerney in Oranmore last week. He spent fifteen minutes trying to get out of his fiat cinquecento, eventually gave up, and drove straight into the auld Lad’s sports shop where Gerry had to angle grind him out. There’s something in those swanshakes and it won’t end well.


Galway are easily rattled. The thought of a tipp Jersey has them shaking.


Someone pointed it out before and was lambasted for it but he was right. McInerney will be destroyed above in Croke Park again when someone turns and runs at him.


I can’t remember who said it either. It’s well known in Galway that Mc can only turn left, another potential weakness in Croke park.


they’ll have to get square helmets soon, the square headedness is getting out of control


The Tipp and Waterford lads hadn’t the brains to try and run around him but both of them are gone now.


We are fucked once Paul Kimmage does some background on the Pole. Hopefully we get to keep the :medal_sports:’s.


not like Joe O’Connor. All that man needs is a whistle and a fog horn


Oh look, you can go back and change it, but even still, you’re a mess.


Go back to getting giddy about Ross Munnelly appearing on offtheball … Loais’ All Ireland moment.


Laois mate, its Laois. Jesus, you’re doing yourself no favours here whatsoever.


he was too focused on putting the apostrophe in the right place.


He’s better than this, I’ve seen it. I believe in him.



From The Indo…

Elsewhere, former All-Ireland winning captain Lester Ryan has left the KIlkenny squad.

The Clara man led the Cats to All-Ireland glory in 2014 but has struggled for game time under Brian Cody of late.

With the influx of new players into the squad, Ryan has fallen down the pecking order. Ryan started the win over Offaly in the Leinster SHC round robin series but has since found himself out in the cold and wasn’t part of the squad for the county’s final round robin game against Wexford.

And it’s understood that the four time All-Ireland winner made the decision to step away during the week as the Cats prepare for their Leinster SHC final clash with Galway on July 1.

Kilkenny GAA thread - The Top Table

What the good fuck?


I’d love to see that argument about McInerney again, I can’t remember who put it out there…


He’s not spectacular but I rate him as a good hard-working player, and to me, seems unlucky to be so out of favour currently.



I said he was a “possible” weak link! I also admitted several times since that he had proved that assertion to be incorrect.