All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018




End of this year


RTE could do with a freshen up. Duignan should stand aside. Totally in a comfort zone in his role and it shows as he is always making mistakes and saying stupid things lately.

Marty doesn’t annoy me as much but he is starting to repeat the same old cliched lines.

They’d both want to up their game or fuck off


The cap-doffing to Kilkenny was hard enough listen to when they were good but it sounds desperate at this stage.


:smiley: starting!


Yes, they rather amusingly seemed to think Kilkenny were going to win that in the 2nd half. Starting six Kilkenny forwards got 1-3 from play today, following on from 0-4 last week, 0-1 against Wexford and 1-2 in Salthill. Starting six Galway forwards hit 1-18 from play today. Kilkenny are very very average. If Limerick don’t beat them next week, they can give it up.


Connacht county wins Leinster title in Munster
that’s the way it’s gone now I suppose…


I don’t usually mind Marty’s shtick - from Thailand to Turloughmore, this is hurling! creaming himself at the skill and audacity of basic things like “using the short grip”, they play football in county x too you know when some chap kicks the sliotar, place x is home of the great…:and so on - but the misidentification of players was chronic today. Not just stuff like players in the same area of the pitch that could be mistaken, but lads in different lines like Hanbury and McInerney and then lads wearing different colour helmets like Maher and Fogarty in midfield. I’ll put it down to the warm weather.


Can’t sack Marty. Public sector innit?


I suppose they will start using Derek a bit now.


KK wouldnt stay with cork at all. We wouldnt have the physicality of GY would be an interesting battle. Id be more afraid of LK than KK and LK are only alright


Mullane on the radio is a parody. Shouting and roaring every so often as if he has been woken with a cattle prod.


That is the one I was looking at


Welcome to the big leagues @Ambrose_McNulty


I was driving earlier, listening to the game - he is going to have aneurysm live on radio one of the days. Brian Carthy was lucky to get a word in. He also curiously seems to think that Hawk Eye is a person, like some sort of benevolent superhero who specialises in saving the world from bad umpire calls.


Thanks for the compliment kid.


Any inkling where Clare/Wexford will be guys?

@Bandage @Big_Mick_McCarthy


I’ve neatly predicted all possibilities at various stages on this thread so I can quote the one that’s selected.


Is Portlaoise in the mix?


hey I tipped down to the Limerick v Carlow game with Shannonsider

approached Carlow Town Hurling club clubhouse in the expectation the bar would be opened before the game but it was closed. I was surprised given it is so close to the pitch, and there are no other bars near the pitch. I was further surprised when I noted from the programme, they had no players on the Carlow squad as per the match programme which was strange as there are feck all hurling clubs in Carlow. What is the situ with this club folks?