All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


If true … “where feasible, the avoidance of repeat pairings.”

should see Limerick v Galway & Wexford v Cork


I told ye all this awhile ago as well. But would ye listen? Would ye fuck.
If Limerick and Wexford win, then it’s lim v gal
and wex v ck
If kk and wex win then its wex v gal and kk v ck
If lk and clare win then it’s lk v ck and clare very gal

If kk and clare win then it’s kk v ck and clare v gal

Now staple this post to yere foreheads ye thick cunts


The Limerick lads fighting over their semi final opponents.

Never change lads, never change!



I’m just getting over the venue for Sunday… I havent even got round to our semi yet.


fuck up. you’re the worst cunt of them all. Going on how you’ll win the All ireland.


Will you bump the post?





When are the tickets out lads?


What happens if Limerick AND Killkenny both win


semi finals not on until 28/29th so probably a few weeks yet.


Clare v Wexford tickets are up … Limerick ones be up soon.


Lk v Kk ; 23 k

Wex v Ce. 18 k


They are not up


Hmmmm id say 12k from Limerick 5k from KK



Push the buy button you ape


Why would I push the button you fanny flap?


You would then realise they are not available, you halfwit!


I can only assume if they put a link up to buy tickets that they are available to buy… i’m not going to go in and check every single link. They’ve only just gone up, why dont you just wait 5 or10 mins you handicap.