All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Assume! Enough said. Never send a boy on a man’s errand, not to mind a retarded boy!




FYI the link to the Limerick tickets has also just gone up … feel free to click into the various windows to see where they’re at.




@iron_mike will go on the beer for a fortnight



What was the last hurling quarter final that didn’t take place in Munster?




Yes what?


2010 Quarter finals in Croker.


We played a quarter final against Cork in Croker in 2007. Replay was in Croker too. We won the replay. Dan said fuck Limerick bring on the Cats.






Shocking pro-Munster bias on show from the GGA authorities here


not Munster councils fault that Leinster only have one field capable of accommodating such fixtures.


All opening up for limerick


Play where hurling should be played


Portlaoise, Tullamore, Nowlan & Pearse could all easily accomdate one of these fixtures.


Portlaiose possibly. It was never going to Galway.

the other 2 wouldn’t have a hope.


Tickets are now available…

there’s a queue of 600 for Limerick tickets, you can waltz straight in and get tickets for the other one.


Shame on you


I was at the Waterford v Tipperary semi in 2008.
I was also at every Limerick game in 2007.