All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Thinly veiled I am now a fully signed up Cork supporter


FFS sake they are not going to play fixtures in the business end of the championship at some dump that is 3/4s terrace


Jamie Wall calling out the Clare bandwagon supporters :clapper:


Friend of the forum Robert is driving it into the Clare fans too! More of a yellow submarine than a yellow wall.


He’s a great man to be fair to him.


That Robert chap is a legend. He’s like a mirror of TFK unpopular opinion.


Wexford/Kilkenny doube next week, easy money


Indeed,for the bookies!


I’m not as certain that Wexford will win the All Ireland as I was in March. There are now, in GGA parlance, lots of question marks about Wexford. I heard we were fucking shit on Saturday night.

That said, we traditionally fall flat on our faces when we come into a game full of confidence and expectation after hammering someone, e.g. when we dismantled Offaly in the round robin but were soundly beaten by Galway the following week, or earlier on when we defeated Galway in the league quarter final and were brushed aside by Kilkenny a week later.

We kind of lose the run of ourselves, are annoyingly inconsistent and are possibly more likely to produce a decent display when we have something to prove on the back of a crap one.

Liam Ryan has been very, very good this season and his battle with John Conlon should be captivating. I think our defence is a bit weak generally, even with the sweeper, but I think we actually have lads that can match up decently with Clare’s forwards in terms of speed, style, height, physique etc. Maybe Reck on O’Donnell, Firman/Donohoe on Collins, P Foley on Duggan.

Not sure if Rory O’Connor was injured or rested on Saturday after the U21 epic a few days beforehand - he was limping / cramping up at the end of that U21 game. We’ll need to somehow have 80%-90% success rate on frees instead of our usual 50%-60% return with around 4 different lads blazing placed balls wide from different distances and angles.

Jack O’Connor caught around 7 puck outs against Clare in the league and bullied them but it was mainly against a chap that won’t be playing at the weekend. His form dropped a bit since then and we’ve changed emphasis somewhat by bringing a different style of player in David Dunne into the starting lineup. It’ll be interesting to see what Davy does here, especially if ROC is back and Paul Morris shakes off the injury which he sustained on Saturday night.

It goes without saying that we need Chin to step it up. Kevin Foley could also do with getting back to the level he was at a few months ago. Aidan Nolan has been lacking some support in that middle area in more recent games.

I’m not sure what to make of Clare. Has the second half against Tipp, full game against Limerick and first half versus Cork been undone by the second half in the Munster Final, or will they rebound again?


I hate to see you like this, pal. That post ooozes desperation. Such a contrast to this time 12 months ago. We warned you of the curse of Davy Bulfin but you were oblivious.


Will Davy get the road if Clare hammer seven shades of shite out of ye?


Fuck all…the pick of Them wouldn’t beat Galway


It’s like a preview you’d read on the Limerick thread.


Lay off please, guys.


Don’t worry pal Davie gave the lads instructions to go out in first gear and just get a win he then proceeded to give his we are the little fish spiel in his interview id expect a massive game from Wexford Saturday afternoon.


You could have gone with a full on “rack off” there, mate.


25k is a poor crowd for a leinster final. Kilkenny can’t really be blamed cos there is fuck all people in Kilkenny. Galways lack of support is criminal though. The team put on one of the greatest displays ever seen on a hurling field yet their supporters can’t be arsed getting out of bed. You can be sure the same pricks will be whingeing about tickets for a week before the all Ireland. No wonder Csnning is having a go at some of the cunts on the twitter machine.


I know you dont know much about ireland outside the pale, but here goes nothing. County galway is by far majority football. Two thirds id say. A lot there would support the hurlers but their team is out this sunday and the next two, and theyve already gone to castlebar and roscommon in great numbers. Theres 250k in county galway, 70k in the city leaves about 180k which would be id guess 120 football, 60 hurling, add in about 20 to the hurlers or so in the city who arent blow ins or foreigners (galway being proportionally the favourite destination for immigrants) so the hurlers have a base of about 80k, comparable to Kilkenny who you say theres no one in and way below the likes of cork and tipp who for that reason have bigger support.

But the major factor is, and one you have no knowledge of and can make no comment on, is the hassle and expense of travelling, and the cumulative effect of it. Leaving home early, paying for fuel, tolls, food, for kids etc, and the whole day gone. And galway are almost always in croker a few times.

Now contrast this to the 1.3 million who live in dublin, lots of blow ins and foreigners, but still hundreds of thousands of locals, who can leave the house at 2.30 for a 4 o clock match that costs a few euro and no hassle on the train or bus, and back home in time for dinner after. When dublin ply in omagh this year a crowd will go and their insular fans and fawning media will be falling over stating this PROVES they have a great support base. Let them do it, several times, for years on end, and see what the numbers would be. Theyd be shite, how do i know this? The support for their hurlers, despite millions poured in, is the worst in the country, and dublin club games, of which i attend more than 90% of the hill do, are terrible. Following dublin is for event junkies only, so pipe down.


I was only really winding you up to be honest but now it seems like bad manners not to reply to your lengthy post

Only yesterday you were on another thread blowing about Galway minors having players from Annaghdown and Salthill. Galway’s traditional hurling base is growing so the geography argument doesn’t really stand up anymore. You can’t have it both ways

The reason Dublin Hurling Support is shit is because the team have been shit for 50 of the last 60 years. Antrim or Laois’s hurling support is poor too and that is the level Dublin have been at historically. The crowds increased with the moderate success we had in Daly’s time and hopefully will increase again if we have a little more success.

I appreciate the points you make about expense and distance in supporting a team. However, Limerick/Cork/Wexford for example would all have similar obstacles to overcome yet they support their teams in far greater numbers than Galway.

Sniping at Dublin supporters being '“event junkies” is a bit rich too when you consider their might have been 8 or 9 thousand Galway supporters in Thurles last Sunday yet there will be 40K looking for All Ireland FInal tickets and pissing and moaning when they can’t get them.

Galway are just not good at getting behind their teams in large numbers. It’s as simple as that. Maybe don’t take it so personally. I get the impression you and most of the Galway lads on here are genuine supporters, if a little unhinged at times.


Not one to get involved in this dispute but Galway had the majority of the support at Thurles at the weekend, maybe 15k of the 25k crowd.