All-Ireland Senior Football Championship 2016 You Are What You Eat

Time to get thi sunderway, it was obviously overlooked due to the mind numbing debates on other threads.

In short

  • Can an Ulster team win for the first time in four years?
  • Will the Dubs manage a successful defence?
  • Is Mayo’s time nigh?
  • Will @caoimhaoin or @Nembo_Kid win out?

Go nuts gentlemen.

This is our year

My heart says Dublin, my head says not Dublin.

The need an injection of new blood during the league to increase the competition for places. I though they looked a little jaded towards the end of the season.

It’s OK mate, they can rest up until July.

Yeah they’ve a few handy games against Monaghan and Donegal in the league, not to mention Kerry, Cork and Mayo.

Tyrone will be flat out against the likes of Cavan and Derry before they move on to play Derry again in the Championship in Ulster and the winners of Armagh and Cavan again. The won’t face a Division 1 team until the Ulster final at the earliest.

How have they got such an easy passage?


New thread, same shit.

Only 1 Ulster side is in the bottom two Divisions.

Only 2 other Leinster sides are in the top two Divisions.

Yes well spotted.

Dublin will face Division 2’s Meath first and then like Division 2’s Laois to get to the Leinster final in July.

Tyrone face Divsion 2’s Derry first and then either Cavan or Armagh from Division 2 to get to the Ulster final in July.

No difference in that draw buddy so your jibe about ‘resting up’ until July is nonsensical unless you apply the same to Tyrone.

thought the Dubs won the AI last year like Kerry used to…they were poor enough, struggled against Fermanagh, struggled against Mayo the first day and then finished like a train in replay…then in All Ireland final they seemed more composed than ever…they won by 3 but it was a lot more comfortable than that I thought…
Kerry have a lot of questions to answer and haven’t blooded a whole lot of players…Fitzmaurice had an absolute mare on the sideline in final…totally over thought everything…can’t be as bad again
Mayo have set their stall out by running a management team that got them to within a kick of a ball of reaching a final…they must see this as great opportunity to reach final at least with dubs and Kerry potentially on other side…
Think tyrone will come out of ulster…I’ll go for a tyrone kerry all Ireland …

Who have Laois and Meath beaten in the Championship in the past two seasons?

This is all going to be decided by how many quarter finalists Ulster have had since 2003 in comparison to other provinces.

I know it, you know it, HE knows it.

you brought the league comparisons into it, why are you now ignoring it?

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What difference does that make?

These are all Division 2 teams and will all be playing at that level before embarking on their Championship campaign.

The previous year’s results mean nothing, as testified by Down reaching the All-ireland final in 2010, having lost to Fermanagh and Wicklow in 2009.

I think the winner will come from outside the big 2 with the caveat that dublin are the most likely back-to-back in a while. However its based on that i think they are somehow going to come a cropper.

I know its said every year but this could be Mayos year. But i would not be absolutely astounded if a more Dark Horse team came thru like Donegal, Tyrone, Galway or the like. It just feels like that kinda year.

I don’t think any of the Ulster teams will have it in them to win it next year.

Some of the other counties, like in Leinster will be able to spend their time in the lower Divisions in spring perfecting their footpassing to unlock the blanket defence.

We might well have only one Ulster team in the quarter final next year.

Hard to know, the whole thing is so complicated now i have no idea of the potentail 1/4’s.

Kerry and Dublin are set for a semi final ya?

I’m gonna stick my neck on the block here and say that I think the winner will come from one of


There, I said it.

Dublin v Mayo, if the draw works out that way obviously.

Kerry were blessed to be in a final, never mind win it, in 2014 and got there again this year relying on a bit of luck and general ignorance/cuteness.

They need to complete the transition to the new regime of players for the sake of the longer term at this stage and it’s time to do as Kilkenny did in the hurling 2014 and either drop or bench Donaghy, Cooper, O’Mahony, Galvin, O’Se (some of these may have retired when i wasn’t paying attention).

They have a good squad without them and could do with fitting Walsh in somewhere and relying on Geaney and O’Donoghue to take over the mantle.

Why would you include Tyrone? They were blessed to get to the final this year.

It is because they have an easy passage to the quarters as they’ll only face, possibly one Division 1 side before then?

Just to say, Tyrone didn’t make a final this year, they were relatively comfortably knocked out by Kerry.

I figure some team has to factor in the 4 from Ulster, think Donegal will cause trouble, but are ultimately done for a long haul, Armagh are a laughing stock, and while I’d love to see Monaghan do it, I just dont think they have it in them for a concerted run. Hence why its really between the 3 of Mayo, Dublin and Kerry.

But hey, I’m open to being surprised*

*I don’t see myself being surprised.