Annoying Office Jargon - Part III


Doesn’t sound like jargon to me buddy, you can take that one literally.


Lots of obscure references here which don’t clarify things. Looks like I’m not the only one who is not familiar with that phrase.


Frankie Say Relax


Looks like a promotion is in store for you, well done :+1:


It’s just banter and they will think you are an awful bollix if you don’t join in. You should say to the same thing to one of the receptionists.


‘We’re literally on the cusp of something and then… WATERFALL!!!’


“Why don’t we take that offline”.

Eh, we aren’t on the internet mate, we are in a meeting.


That’s a common one - shocking.

‘Reach out’ - I can’t bear that one.


“I’ll ping you after this.”

Ping away, buddy. Ping the shit out of it.


Our head man no longer wants reports or projections sent to him…only “scoping papers” will do


Which one of ye fucked up with yere projections?


“Unpacking the scaffolding”

And no, I don’t work on a building site.


A staple over here for years. Wait till higher order questioning,AFL and behaviour for learning turn up


I find myself introducing this jargon into my new work place the past few months… Its fascinating to watch as certain fella lap up the new lingo and recycle it almost immediately.

  • runbook
  • crisis bridge
  • burndown
  • reaching out (they fookin love it, every cunt is reaching out now)
  • townhall meet up
  • brown bag session


What the fuck is a brown bag session?


An informal lunchtime get together such as a talk or seminar or training course. Brown bag refers to attendees bringing their lunch along with them. It’s terrible, terrible stuff.


Fitzy thought it meant to take a shit in a superior’s drawer.


Too late now…


We hot desk here and no one has any drawars so that would be difficult.


Sounds similar to a “Lunch & Learn” except with a lunch and learn there would be an expectation that lunch would be provided.