Another US shooting

Ah Jesus

Just the 9 confirmed dead now, including children.

Just mysterious ways lol

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You have to survive the attacker and take care not to be shot by the police while exiting !

Elon Musk is among them. Which tells you who Elon Musk is serving.

It’s great when an obvious solution presents itself :laughing:


Strange that this killing got zero coverage in the national US media, strange that the ususal suspects like AOC have not sent tweets of condemnation as she did when the lad was killed on the NY subway last week. Strange that not one “progressive” Democrat has publicaly condemed the killing.

A 24 year old policewoman on her way home after her shift ended, executed on the street by four teenagers who each had multiple prior convictions for violent crime. She had just compelted her masters degree, now her mother gets to walk at her graduation next month.

Say her name: Areanah Preston.


Fucking hell :grin: they’ll ban schools next.