Another US shooting

Ah Jesus

Just the 9 confirmed dead now, including children.

Just mysterious ways lol

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You have to survive the attacker and take care not to be shot by the police while exiting !

Elon Musk is among them. Which tells you who Elon Musk is serving.

It’s great when an obvious solution presents itself :laughing:


Fucking hell :grin: they’ll ban schools next.

Who could have enabled this, I wonder?

What a waste of life

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American police up to their usual tricks, shooting dead a pregnant black woman in a supermarket car park.

Greatest country in the wurdled.

Should have just let her run over him with the car

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Maybe he shouldn’t have stood in front of the car. Maybe his mate shouldn’t have then shot the woman dead. And her seven month old unborn child.

You won’t hear the so called “pro-life” people objecting to this actual murder of an unborn child.

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A very tragic event and needless loss of life, although a good rule of thumb for self preservation in the US is not to argue with the cops and not try and drive away if they are questioning you, especially if there’s one in front of the car (standard procedure when a suspect isn’t complying).

No surprise the race baiters are out in force on this one, the reality is if the individual were hispanic or white, male or female, same result. A cop with his gun pulled is simply not going to allow someone drive a vehicle at them.


No surprise the excuse maker in chief for American police shooting black people is out to make excuses yet again.

Good idea: Comply with the cops in the States, especially when one has a pistol aimed 4 foot from you through the wind screen.

Bad idea: Attempt to drive over said cop.


I presume you and the other lad took the same attitude in regard to British Army soldiers murdering innocent Catholics.

Victim’s fault, innit.