AS Roma Season 2017/18


Huge three points. We’ve been superb on the road this season

Kolarov has been an immense signing.


Another 1-0 win last night.

Rick Karsdorp made his debut but became the latest Roman player to rupture their ACL

Rudiger, Rui, Florenzi x2, Luca Pellegrini, Tumminello, Emerson and now Karsdorp have rupture their ACLs at Roma in the past 16 months.

Apart from Rudiger and Tumminello, they have all been full backs who have ruptured theirs.

The positive is we do have Peres and Florenzi so we’re reasonably well covered.


That’s a lot of ACL injuries. Could be a strength and conditioning problem at the club. @caoimhaoin?


Italian Football is known for hard training. However in my experience they had good S&C and medical teams. Particulary Juve and the milans.

They onviously have something amiss here though. Thats ridiculous


Any progress on AS Roma locating the racist supporters in their ranks who were making the monkey noises at Rudiger last week?


Any comment on the scandal engulfing the English FA?


You’ll have to bring me up to speed on that, I haven’t been following that one.

Any comment on the racist AS Roma supporters who were making the monkey noises at Rudiger last week?


Odd you wouldn’t know about that.

Sweep, sweep.


So you are saying that’s racism now? Funnily enough you started a thread a while back where you clearly stated that it was just banter. :confused:

The thread in question is called “Racism or banter?” in case you are confused.


Where did I say it was racism?


You said there was a scandal engulfing the FA. In the link you posted it said that scandal was to do with racism.


The avoidence and twisting is hitting new heights here in only a few posts


He’s all over the fucking shop.


And walked himself straight in.

All he had to do really was answer geoffs question on the racism.

Its ok to admit there is racism in a club you support.

Instead he backed himself into the most ridiculous (in internet terms) corner ever


Hardly that odd. I don’t pay much attention to association football beyond Tottenham Hotspur. Would you ever post up a reliable and reputable source. USA Today is a complete rag.


I asked where I said it was racist?

You haven’t answered the question. I either said it was racist or I didn’t. Which is it?


Backtrack. Didn’t you set up an England supporters thread on here?


So what are you asking Geoff to comment on so? Why did you post that link?


You’re really rambling now.


The scandal involving the English FA.