AS Roma Season 2017/18


Why are you abswering a question with a question?

Thats classic avoidence.

People of strong moral fibre and courage do not do that.


That’s not a question. That’s a statement.


What does the scandal involve?


Ah the evidence says you answered a question with a question


That’s a clamping.


I think you will agree Geoff, People of a high moral fibre and courage do not answer questions with a question.


The English FA trying to hush allegations of racism and not taking them seriously.


Glad to see you finally admit it so.


What’s this about racist chanting and that sort of thing? There was a thing on last night on OTB with Paddy Agnew, sounds like the kind of city where @HBV would enjoy the crowd banter, what with all the Anne Frank stuff as well.

I hadn’t realised that Roma are as fascist as Lazio.


Paddy on OTB :joy:. Interesting article about Paddy’s departure from the IT on current Phoenix .


What’s that about, I’m vaguely aware of the guy.


Any chance of posting up?


Haven’t the mag now : Basically he has a number of pay cuts and he eventually told them "no mas " . reducing costs in mind by IT and it seems he can seek redress through Italian labour law .

Paddy Agnew always seemed a decent sort .


Ya like him. Seems to have carbed out a nice life for himself.

Not all about the status


He wrote a book some time back about living in Italy and it was decent . He is from Kilrea in Co Derry .


Great to see we smashed a few Chelsea heads last night.


I was reading there that Roma were charged for obscene racism recently… very sad reading.


it was shit

calico for slow learners


great stuff


i wasn’t a history of Italian football more PAs time there . It predated Calcio by a week too .