Athletics Thread


Another “hamstring” injury for the Jamaicans in the women’s 4x400 metres relay.

Well done to the Great British and Northern Irish girls who got silver behind the Yanks.


Outstanding Trinidad and Tobago performance runs out the Yanks in the final strait of the 4x400 metres. The Yanks looked home and hosed.

Steve Cram is a very poor commentator.


Sir Mo Farah, Great Britain’s best and greatest


Presume Sir Mo won the Great North run today?


of course he did, 4 in a row, had to work for it today though


He goes by the name Mohammed mate



Ciara Mageean has handed Jerry Kiernan he tae in a mug


I’d say he’s happy enough for her. He was in the paper last week recommending top Irish athletes train more in groups. Arrangement seemed to be fairly informal. Hopefully it works out for her. Last season or two have been disastrous


New non African marathon record on an eligible course by Norway’s Sondre Moen, he’s seen a huge improvement in his performances recently.
Anybody else read Ed Caeser’s superb book on marathon running??




I’m going to guess drugs




What are the Didsbury elite saying about Pep?




Fucking disgrace.


jokeshop, Garry O’Hanlon wining the national marathon title at 42 years of age was some achievement compared to this racist weirdo, walking isn’t even proper athletics, I was down there the day the French lad hammered the shit out of the cork cunt outside Buckingham Palace, its was an embarrassment, he was bet by about 3 laps


It’s a National Disgrace. He is not some role model for Irish Athletics. He is a horrible racist little bigot.


Personally would have given it to Sam Bennett.


What did Rob the Racist do in 2017 to qualify him to win this award?