Athletics Thread


Kipchoge has just smashed the world record in Berlin, absolute unreal


Absolutely unbelievable.


A few more tweaks and natural remedies and it’s only a matter of time until someone will break the two hours


he was 25 seconds away in Italy for the nike attempt


Matter of time maybe but still ten years unless an absolute freak arrives on the scene. A long way to go. The artificial attempts will do it if they keep it up but doesn’t count for me.


Just under 21 km/h average pace.

At that level it really is Super human stuff.


the way he ran that last 5k was sensational


He really opened up his legs and expressed himself.


How far back was the next lad?


about 3 minutes in it I think


@Bandage Any progress with the sub 25?


I just saw a video of the finish there. The bastard wasn’t even out of breath :sweat_smile:


he has savage drive, his diet and training is unreal


an awful nice lad too


How long until 2 hour mark falls?


15 years, he was averaging 4:38 a mile today


Not normal.


he has a very strict diet


Incredible. What an athlete. He has the speed as well from his early track career over 5,000.


if i could do 1 mile at 4:38 I would be very happy