Athletics Thread


Just watching the last 1km there and I started crying tears of joy, its unreal, he’s a catholic aswell.


Is he a protege of Brother Colm?


Don’t think so mate


Went through 5km at 14.26, 10km at 29.21, half marathon at 1.01 before speeding up when last of 3 pacemakers stopped away with 17km left. Some man for one man


He has a very strict diet


He must be very disciplined


The pacer that was to bring him to 30k dropped out at 15k. Conditions were perfect, hard to see anyone getting close to that for a long time.


He does 26 x 1k repeats in training at 95%. Unreal


A great read in the failing new york times about Kipchoge. He is a legend, @Tassotti, a man with an inspirational quote for all occasions. The fella is running 4.36minute miles. That is unreal.


I wonder has he a panic room like Serena Williams.


I think this guy is the real day, no Rio style I forgot there was a test, no tainted supplements, just a machine.


You’ll have to forgive my skepticism.
It is absolutely remarkable regardless.


I’ve never heard of either of these cunts


Chamney blames everybody in the world for his ultimately not being good enough.


You could replace their names with many others who devoted their lives to training like animals every day for 10 years but ultimately amounted to nothing. Individual athletes have to be slightly cracked unless they’re proper world class. Flogging yourself half to death to try and get a second off your pb and racking up thousands and thousands in debt at the time. Nutjobs.


Like Lee Chin

There’s a madness for sure in individual athletes. They have an ability to go out and punish themselves the way the average person won’t or can’t. No hiding place on a track.


Lee Chin gets to drive a free car, eat out for nothing, live at home with his parents for nothing and turn up to photo shoots and shop openings and earn a few pound. Athletes barely get a free tracksuit and singlet. Their ‘grant’ would barely cover them for a month


Lee is living the dream in fairness…


It’s chasing the triumph of high achievement. It’s not a logical choice but it’s hard to walk away from a sport when you have a certain talent. These lads would have won national titles for fun and in other sports like GAA that is enough. They chase world class and fall short but no shame in that. Comes a point where they need to stop and most go on too long and can end up damaged and bitter.


Agree, 100%, and the level they are at is extraordinary. Chamney sounds a total dick all the same.