Athletics Thread


He is.


Oh I completely agree don’t get me wrong. The general lack of appreciation for them from the general public always amazes me.


Trouble is that joe public, having rarely taken a rushed step,has no yardstick. I never appreciated just how extraordinary our better athletes are until I started doing a bit of track training in my thirties. The average person would look at anything between a 400 and a 10000m ttime , and it would mean nothing to them. .


I had no interest or appreciation for track and field really until I went and saw a couple of meets at the Olympics in Beijing. The speed the middle distance lads went at was unreal. More impressive for me than the likes of Bolt.


when joe soaps like us are plodding around parkrun in 20-25 minutes,you realise how talented and dedicated the “run of the mill” lads are


Nail on the head.


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Yomif Kejelcha going for the World Indoor Mile record at the Millrose Games in NYC a little later.

3:48.45 the time to beat.


Is it on tv ?


Phil Healy with a great run to come 2nd in the 400M.


On NBC if you have access to it.

This might work;


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Missed it by 0.01s!


More drugs next time.