Sure they love the oirish, we can do what we want.


My beloved Coogee. This shit always happens when i leave for a few weeks. It’s the bloody poms and all.


Why is it always the good backpackers that balconies collapse on?


I love that beach. We spent 2 Christmas days there. Witnessed a new years riot there as well.


Complete alcohol ban now in place on the beach and adjacent park after the latest kerfuffle. This is truly wonderful news and hopefully any sunburnt roaster seen carrying a slab of Tooheys within 50m of the park will be executed.


Do the micks still wear o Neill’s Jersies to the beach.


40 degrees out and here comes paddy with a big clothsack on him sweat absolutely pouring out of him


Not coogee! Oirish people under the age of 27 living abroad are the greatest race of gimps in the world. Ooooh look at me look at me, lolz, banter, epic. I hope they try the same in maroubra and get the shit kicked out of them.


Let me guess your 28?


Jesus, now thats TFK at its best.


Since yesterday. No im not, just a sweeping generalization on my behalf. The mid twenties are generation snowflake.


Bit of a scoop developing here. I need to alert my Australian buddies before my e-buddies.




E buddies before everything


What’s occurring, mate?


Maybe they found that dingo


Skippy ? RIP. Goner ?

FUCK YOU 2016. When will it end.


One of Fitzys capsicum plants died??
Fuck you 2016, fuck you!


Not this time, it is my solemn duty however to report that 5 tomato plants are casualties. Fuck you nematodes, fuck you.


Coogee is an absolute fucking kip.


Aren’t you from Bunclody?