I am Sidney yes, glad I could clear that up for you.




I take anything Mrs Nwoko says with a large helping of salt but her old man is in with the po po and apparently the alcohol ban is a damage limitation exercise to safeguard against a Nice style lorry terror attack NYE.
Potential TFK exclusive.


Are you saying we should be warning any loved ones in Sydney?


An informal heads up pal.


Glad I’m out of that kip!!!


@Chucks_Nwoko - I’m getting word that their maybe an attack on Sydney over New Years - Stay safe, pal.


I came up for a sesh to Dublin last night. Hit with a hangover so bad I’ve booked another night in the hotel.

EDIT: Down to Dublin.


Its Up to Dublin,its always Up to Dublin.


Bollocks it is. Sure any self respecting terrorist would have driven into the entrance of his nearest Westfield during the sales and killed hundreds of gimps quite easily.


The rocky road lad.


Breaking: Terror plot arrest in Sydney Airport.


Sensational from You if true.


What’s that Skip? You’re a fucking psycho? Strewth!


I think I speak for the whole board Debbie, when I say “That never happened”.


I’m giving that a like solely for the nostalgia of the three words, “Whats that Skip”.



Happy invasion day to all forumites


2 people are dead, and you’re celebrating. You’ve a cold dead heart @fitzy.


Ill be returning home for the month of July

Fisty & Loko we will be having a TFK meet in the valley on the glorious 12th