not racism, ethnic minorityism


ive ethnic minorityism against slap heads from humberside


judging from that photo hanging in malahide rubby club, it wont be that long before youre joining the slaphead revolution.



Vote lost 31-28, bad day to be white


Are you ok petal?





Tina Cahill got 5 years, but she’ll be out in 2022 and deported back to Ireland then.


Is that lenient in an Australian context?



Jaysus, they fairly went to town on the deceased, reading some of the evidence. I wonder how influential having a wank on her while she slept was on the sentencing. All in all, two less headers on the street.


What’s the story here guys? How awful are we talking? Dingo buggery? :eek:



Two drongoes from dunnagawl bashed a pensho, story leads on the news for some reason


Deport these animals.


Can ye not stick them on a random pacific island. Cunts will be in Vancouver after being released no doubt.


The Aussies will soften their coughs, looked like cunts on the news there.



@Fitzy I had a run-in with an eastern brown this evening. Seemed fairly placid. They get a raw deal on the Discovery Channel.


Fuck, really? What occurred?