Aviation Disasters


Ya pretty much. The landing site at blackrock was far too small for a helicopter of that size.
It’s a serious process failure if something like that is able to happen.


A failure in the process of looking out the window as you’re landing.


You can’t always trust the instruments, it’s why Luke turned off the targeting computer when he was blowing up the Death Star.


And that was over thirty years ago.


“K…looking at an island just in, directly ahead of us now guys, you want to come right”, he said.

The commander, Dara Fitzpatrick, responded: “OK, come right just confirm?”

The crew member then said to turn “about 20 degrees right”.

Just two second later the rear crew member was recorded as saying: “come right now, come right, COME RIGHT.”

The last recorded audio from the flight deck was the co-pilot saying “we’re gone”.


Rear Crew Channel: “Come right now. come right. COME RIGHT.”
Smoke in baggage.
Co-pilot: “[Expletive] OOOHHHH [Expletive].”
Co-pilot “We’re gone.”


Hard to believe the 2 lads in the back knew more about what was in front of them than the 2 that were in control of the chopper


What happened mixer


Instead of going right, they went wrong.


One of the guys in the back was likely to be at the door open, Preparing to guide them in.


So did they think they were at Black Sod?


Looks like it. None of their navigation systems had
blackrock island or its lighthouse in 2D or 3D space. Be interesting to see how that oversight is explained.


Maybe I’m wrong but would the release of what was said be an attempt at spinning pilot error as the reason?


The timings of what was said would indicate there was very little time to react to what one crew member said to another. Still don’t really understand how the light from the lighthouse didn’t raise alarm bells sooner. Visibility must have been absolutely nil.


I would imagine so, but if you trust your instruments as you’ve always done and an obstacle appears out of the blue then can you blame the pilot for attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to avoid it?


Pilot error must save them financially or they wouldn’t use it as often. Maybe I’m just cynical. Wouldn’t agree with the transcripts being released like that. Unfair on the families.


Desperate carry on. Spoils all the dignity to date of the families and those involved in the search.


Whatever about the families, there are hundreds of crews around the world operating these helicopters that need to know if it was pilot error or not.


CFIT Controlled flight into terrain is technically what happened Fagan, most likely cos the 300ft rock that they flew into rushed towards them a bit quick


Still can’t rule out the Russians