Aviation Disasters


Considering Igor Sikorsky was the Russian founder of the company that manufactured the helicopter you may very well be correct there fella


It is common procedure to approach blacksod from the west over the sea


I heard that the following morning. They also said that the helicopter had made the exact same trip the week before which doesn’t make sense now even if it were a different crew/pilot.


Why doesn’t it make sense


Not from that far out though. The only reason for that is due to the lighthouse on backsod being located on the easterly side of the helipad. They didn’t have to travel 6kms or so beyond backsod to make an approach


I’ve heard otherwise. Landing is all by eye as opposed to radar , they will reduce to a few hundred feet several miles out.


Ya? I heard twas the Russians done it


You shouldn’t believe everything you hear here .


They would have tried to land at Blackrock thinking it to be Blacksod the prior week also?




They would have crashed the previous week instead?


No. They weren’t trying to land at blackrock. They just crashed into it.


OK but then would they not have noticed that Blackrock wasn’t on the navigation system when they flew over it the prior week.


Fingers starting to be pointed at Enda Kenny in the media


Right so, who the fuck granted planning for a big rock out there




Poor auld Enda, always his fault


they knew it was pilot error in the immediate days after the crash. Crews of the other rescue teams were told before the funeral of Dara Fitzpatrick that it wasn’t technical or mechanical failure. It was suspected that the island wasn’t on the navigation system and they were just awaiting on full confirmation of all info with the recovery of the black box. It was because of the families and for sensitivity that the information wasn’t publicly released then. I don’t know, but I imagine the families would also have been told this info then so this public release is not new to them.


Are they saying she should have known Blackrock was there anyway or else seen it on approach? Awful sad.


It appears they were flying a standard preprogrammed approach to Blacksod, but due to weather conditions they dropped lower to get under the cloud. This is where the computer systems should have been able to warn them of approaching obstacles etc, but whatever map they selected on the software didn’t display the island.