Aviation Disasters


So it wasn’t pilot error but a software issue? One can’t expect Dara Fitzpatrick to have known every rock on the thousands of miles of Irish coastline


ACCIDENT: Sikorsky S-92A, EI-ICR, Black Rock, Co. Mayo Ireland 14th March 2017: Report 2017-006 Preliminary



“We’re gone” is haunting


Definitely better than ‘I told you no good would come of a woman pilot lads’.


You’d expect an experienced pilot to know of the very large rocks with a lighthouse on them.


If I’ve learned anything from watching aircraft investigations it’s that it’s never one error that causes a crash. It’s a series of minor errors that in and of themselves aren’t fatal but when combined have disastrous consequences. Bad weather, bad map, reliance on instruments etc etc


Jasus, they missed blacksod by a fair whack.


We’re gone …


I think their plan was to approach it from the west.


Bomb on board, two large towers dead ahead…


has our Minster of defense explained why a chopper had to come from Dublin yet?


Cos the Air Corp clock off at 5?


Some lad on morning Ireland very unhappy about the publication of the transcript, only the technically relevant words should have been released.


Watching Michael Portillo’s Great American Railroad Journeys now. It’s a fantastic show. I could watch shows about American railroads for hours on end.

He’s going from Minnesota to Memphis in tonight’s show.


its an absolutely tremendous programme, his disgusting bulbous nose is a real turn off though


Is there an American equivalent to his trusted Bradshaws guide?


he was using something mark Twain had written when he was cruising down the Mississippi on a steam boat


Appleton’s travel guides, he’s on now on BBC2




If they didn’t, the conspiracy theorists would have had a field day.