Aviation Disasters


Likewise mate hope I make it as far as Scottys



I flew to India yesterday. No problems. An hour longer though because you have to bypass Pakistani airspace at the moment and go more over Iran. Beats getting shot down.


What’s the Hindi word for swan?




Please keep us abreast of the demeanour of any intercounty hurlers ordering their lunch at the Delhi.


@Tassotti “Norwegian said it had also suspended flights of the aircraft model in accordance with the CAA’s instruction and apologised for the inconvenience to passengers.”


Boeing 737 Max planes suspended from departing or entering Irish airspace


Ryanair have ordered, what, 135 of these?


Would they not just ban them from crashing


Two Turkish flights had to turn back mid journey. I’s say that was nervy for any passengers on board


Wouldn’t be the first time that the Turks turned…


I’d imagine o Leary has so many clauses built into that it’ll probably be worth more to him if they are delayed. Boeing will no doubt be paying for any loss of earnings as a result of any delays to delivery caused by them.




I’m not well after watching a few of those videos posted.


Boeing stock nose dived there yesterday.


They won’t need the black box to figure that one out.


I’m savagely affected by watching those videos, it horrific, I don’t know how I’ll get on a plane again. I have an awful feeling I could be involved in a aviation disaster. I have some serious travelling to do this year.


Soft cunts getting shaken by a few videos. Toughen up ffs, do you know nothing about the rules of a crisis situation.


You’d best not get in a car then ever