Bad ads on the radio


Is it bad if you remember that it’s by Griffith College ?


Yes because the ad actually makes me angry and I now switch channels every time it comes on.


It’s annoying and drives everyone mad yes, but bad no. We’ll hear more and more ad’s like it in the future sadly cause they’re effective in that we’re here talking about them and we know it’s by Griffith College.


Cheap perr!!! how do you like that one kids?


I only know it was Griffith College because I listened to the full add for the 1st time today to post about here.
I have usually switched it off by the second time the cunt shouts morning has broken.


I hear it in the mornings listening to Newstalk on the app walking or cycling to work so changing channels is not an option. Unless I do it permanently which I’ll be doing shortly because their new lineup is atrocious.


Sorry mate I ain’t trying to start a beef here with you, you’re a good poster, I just think the thread name should be called annoying radio ads.

It’s a horrendously annoying ad !!


I find that app to be a hape of shite ! Irish radio app is good though.


Yep it’s buggy as fuck. They could do with an upgrade.


Shocking. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking. Is Johnaton HEALY gone as of from September.? Shower of ubercunts is all that’s left


He’s an insufferable cunt. Newstalk gone to fuck in the last few months. At least with Hook and Yeats, the two cunts had an opinion, whether you agreed with it or laughed it was some bit of entertainment.


Hate to admit it but I miss Yeats? A cunt too but as you said, opionated and not so much of this PC bullshit


Mainstream radio is for mugs.


Sky ad on the radio this morning to try get mugs to sign up to watch the Ryder Cup. It’s not personal it’s tribal. That’s the catchphrase.


I couldn’t believe my luck when Dominic popped his clogs aged 46 and left me this ball of cash so I could continue to live in the style I was accustomed to.

Aoibhiìn received more cash for doing this ad.


As Dominic would have wanted.


Win Win.


Well Maura how did you get on.

It’s just a benign lump thank God

You must be very relieved, lets go on the lash and get stocious

Actually, that’s the worst thing I could do because it could really increase my chances of getting actual cancer


the Charles Tyrwhitt ad on Newstalk is fairly shit and demeaning to a brand I cherish.


That fucking ad with the child for Currys PC World.