Bad ads on the radio


Heard a Cúl Heroes collection card ad on the radio last night. Noel McGrath doing the talking on it. Some awful stuff. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be comedic or what, but the utter monotone voice out of him was brutal.


Cracking shout.


Ha, when I saw this thread bumped I knew it was for this ad.


There is no love more priceless than the love of golf :smile:Who comes up with this shit.


I was almost certain when this thread appeared that it was for that ad flogging Graham Norton’s book. Irritating.


Mario went in very hard on Noel McGrath on Gift Grub this morning


That ad for Carphone Warehouse where it’s a great place to pick up a confirmation present.
Is there even such a thing as a confirmation present?


Yes. It’s a present you give to someone upon making their Confirmation.


9 times out if 10 though, a €50 note is the only option for a "Confirmation present "



€20 is plenty unless you’re the God parent to the child making the Confirmation.

I would think a phone is only acceptable if you’re the actual parent.


Would agree with that. Also on the phone. A phone would only be acceptable if it was cleared with the parents beforehand and even then only if it’s a godparent /aunt or uncle wanting to fund the purchase.
My youngest made her confirmation a few weeks ago but by and large she hot cash apart from my sister who bought her a decent watch which I thought was a wonderful gesture.


The askaboutalcohol one doing the rounds at the minute.

How the fuck did they think that a an advert to address depression caused by alcohol would be better if it imagined a scenario that would never happen in Ireland.


There’s a car insurance one that’s doing my head in at the moment. Goes along the lines of:

Woman: I think we should break up.
Ball-less man: [incredulous tone] But I just got your name tattooed on my back.
Woman: I meant with our caaaaarrrrrrrr insurance. By switching to [whoever the insurer is] we could save [however much it is].
Ball-less man: [whimpering] Another reason to love you.


The Laya Health one with the two fuckers rolling down a hill. Pair of cunts!


I heard an ad today about leaving money to the Dog’s Trust.
I envisioned @Fagan_ODowd polishing off a succelent rack of lamb, gently farting and telling Bobby that he’d be looked after.

As if…


Bobby will be provided for.


Will he pay for your funeral?

He’s a dog…No more no less.


Looking at farm brochures.


I know the lady in that ad. She’s lovely. Shit ad though.


Zurich pensions. The one about POWER.

We speak about the POWER behind the throne, POWER lunches… fuck off @nemesis