Enjoy your stay in the castle oaks @bandage.

A mere five minute drive will bring ye into majestic North Tipperary.


Vile post.



It was a tyrone crew and I was 5’ 16", 16 stone etc


You were probably the only one not touting on the side.


Actually wondered if it could have been a Tyrone crew. Would fit the bill alright. Not too many surs on the buildings

Did you rassle many alligators?


Not so long as they called me sur, sur.




The owner of the firm had been ‘hit’ for supplying security forces. Risky business round Coalisland


It’s written Ashkayton




Not sure if this thread is meant to be a place for suggesting improvements or if it’s happened by accident, but I would wholeheartedly agree with doing away with likes and wouldn’t be in favour of bringing back older versions of rating posts either. Let the posts go up and hang there and people can reply or not or just take it in. I also think the ignore function is great if the technology still exists here to easily reintroduce it. @Bandage @Rocko


Bring back tags


Well clamped


What are these tags you speak of??


Like hashtags before there were hashtags. Particular favourites were sledgeisnottobetrusted, mbbisacunt, pukelikeslittleboys and maclovescock or something along those lines


johnstons motor car


I see, a sort of dewey decimal system of abuse




You can pinpoint exactly the time when the quality of the forum began to dip.
It was within weeks of the removal of Avatar egging.

Once avatar egging was removed people began to get sloppy and could post scutter without fear of retribution.
The return of avatar egging would reinvigorate the forum.


What’s avatar egging?