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Mark McGeeney v Derk Telnekes

As an added bonus, Eurosport’s score caption is blurred, so viewers have to guess how many sets and legs each player has won if they’re just tuning in - this only adds to the excitement.


The pressure of Lakeside clearly getting to these two darting warriors.


Geezer closes out the deciding leg of set 1 in superbly professional fashion - going out in 20 darts, although he was lucky Derk missed three darts to take the set - an inch lower on that double 2 and it would have gone in.


Wow. Derk took out a 145 outshot and now he’s taken out 119.

This is an astonishing standard.


Derk hits his favourite double 9 to win set 2 3-1.

If he took out Geezer in this opening game of the tournament it would be seismic - like Cameroon beating Argentina in 1990.


healthy averages too of 84 and 85.


Superb scoring. World class.


The Gladiator hits a 180!

And Derk responds immediately with a 180!

These guys are the best of the best.



Laser precision darts.


21 scored there by the number 1 seed :rofl:


are there lads still peddling this stale shite? even the bbc have got rid of it


Fake news.

Another 180 from Derk.


Check your facts buddy.




You could go to Knights in Shannon tonight and pull out better players


Poor Tossy is being driven demented here. :grin:


what Chanel is this on lads? I need a good laugh


This McGeeney lad looks fucking useless even for a BDO player.


Oooft! 168 set up by Derk! What a shot!


Sky 144