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Potter pricing out the fans. Bad form.


Upsetting to read that Bobby is ill. I’m sure all darts fans will join me in wishing a speedy and full recovery to the great man.

If he can muster even 5% of the fight he showed in that famous 1994 World Championship semi-final against Magnus Caris, he’ll be fine.


Bobby now a pdc man. All the best bobby.


Andy Hamilton joining the BDO


No surprise his form since losing the PDC final to Lewis several years back took an awful plunge,would love to see him do well if even at such a lower level of darts.


That’s no harm. Can’t stand Hamilton. He might do ok in the low level of the bdo though.


As of tonight you can still get tickets for the final. Was thinking of tipping over.


Andy Hamilton is a superb signing for us.

It’s going to be some battle between him and Ted Hankey to settle once and for the question of who is Stoke’s top player.

But I can already give you the answer to that question. It’s Ted.

Sad news for BDO fans on the other hand that Tony O’Shea has decided to drop down to the exhibition circuit of the pdc.


Will you wear a costume?


Terrible news for James Hurrell. Get well soon.

Good luck to his replacement Richey Edwards. After 23 years missing, what a way to return.

World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth

Looking forward to your preview of the premier world darts tournament mate!


I see that Rob Cross, who unsuccessfully tried to qualify for the BDO World Championships in 2016, went to “Ally Pally” and destroyed Phil’s Darts Club a mere 2 years later. You couldn’t make it up. :laughing:


My house blew down last night but I’m sure I’ll be able to put up something later this week. A preview, that is, not a house.


A great day in prospect tomorrow if you’re anywhere within striking distance of Teesside.

The World Champion will be taking entries and making the draw for the competition - what a guy.


The BDO family extends its sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of former pdc Master of Ceremonies Phil Jones, who has gone to join the great Martin Fitzmaurice behind the great microphone in the sky*.

*Not a reference to Sky Sports.


Roll up, roll up.

Ye Olde World Darts Championship is here again. :brendan:


This shite is now on Quest TV Sky channel 144, running out of stations willing to show it.


I saw bits and pieces of the sky one this year… The standard seemed very poor. Lads barely averaging over 90.


Quest is the furture of sports broadcasting.

Outstanding foresight from the extremely business savvy BDO top brass.

And then of course there’s Eurosport, the greatest sports network in the world who have broken the bank to secure rights for this year’s tournament, and all BDO majors.