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Some serious finishing here.


Derk hits double 10 to break and 2-1 up in set 3.

But Geezer, like the champion he is, responds with a maximum.


Fair play to Duzza only a fool would turn down free money in this fiasco.


Quest, the BDO is beyond parody at this stage of the game.


Geezer breaks back. What character.


It’s actually sad, channel 4 and BBC don’t even want it anymore.


@Bandage doesn’t even bothering pretending anymore


Says it all!


Unerring from Geezer at the HOME OF DARTS. He takes a crucial 2-1 lead in this Nedo-English battle.




3 darts at double 6 :rofl:


Great to see the respect the patrons afford the players here
None of the inane chanting you’d see at the sky circus


180s are like hens teeth around here lads.


huge scoring here, 60, 51, 80, 65, 41 :rofl:


Must be the toothiest hen of all time.

And what a golden egg it has laid this lunchtime.




sure its the pressure of the lakeside :rofl:


16th 180 of the match for Mark.


most of them asleep at their table after 10 pints of lager at 9 in the morning